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Date: 16-09-20191

Assistance received: 0.01351000 BTC

Hi i am Pran from india, i am a participant of mmm global world, and i get help reffral bonus 0.01351000 btc on the date-17/09/2019 thanks mmm world global

Date: 16-09-20192

Assistance received: 0.01834605 BTC

I am Kartush from Indonesia. I have received 0.01834605 btc today. I am guider. Long live mmm world Jai mmm world. Jai ho

Date: 16-09-20193

Assistance received: 0.00965700 BTC

I am Rose. I am from Sudan. Am a participant in mmmglobal world. I requested to get help of 0.00965700 btc on September, 16 and I received it within few hours. MMM global world remains the best even through all the changes to make the community better! Thank you

Date: 16-09-20194

Assistance received: 0.02317210 BTC

I'm Ezezji. from Nigeria,on the 16th of September I make a request to get help.and in less than 24hours I was give help of 0.02317210 btc. Long live MMMWorld Bitcoin community

Date: 16-09-20195

Assistance received: 0.01159960 BTC

My name is Sannodev is guider in Mumbai, india this is my gh is a monthly income 0.01159960 btc receive on September, 17. I am very happy long live MMMGlobal.World thanks

Date: 23-05-20196

Assistance received: 0.0019635 BTC

I am Labi from Lagos Nigeria. I provided help on MMM global in bitcoin of 0.002 and I received help and even left part of my bit coin to keep growing. The new system is Amazing!

Date: 16-09-20197

Assistance received: 0.0016 BTC

My name is Satoshi N. I am very happy to report that I received .0016 BTC from this great community. This pays!

Date: 16-09-20198

Assistance received: 0.03472862 BTC

Hello everyone i am Nomusa . Thank you MMMglobal receive GH in a few hrs

Date: 16-09-20199

Assistance received: 0.00259427 BTC

Another gh honoured thank you so much Mavrodians.

Date: 16-09-201910

Assistance received: 0.024 BTC

Hola mi nombre es Paola correa , soy de venezuela, soy guiadora 10+ el dia 2019-04-09 brinde una ayuda por un valor de 0.00286635 el dia 2019-09-16 Solicite ayuda por 0.024 la cual fue pagada Gracias MMM P or ayudar a cambiar nuestras vidas. Larga vida para MMM Juntos Cambiamos El Mundo!

Date: 17-09-201911

Assistance received: 0.00221282 BTC

Thank you MMM for changing lives. Got help in few hrs.

Date: 12-09-201912

Assistance received: 0.00147449 BTC

I am handoyo from indonesia.i get help