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Date: 13-09-20191

Assistance received: 0.01448405 BTC

My name is Prince from South Africa. After I Phed of 0.32 on 14th of August I ghed 0.01448405 btc on 14 of September. My GH was paid within 48hrs..Mmm Global.World is the best.

Date: 13-09-20192

Assistance received: 0.01642251 BTC

I am Motsamai from Botswana, a guider to MMMGW. I GH my referral bonus of 0.01642251 on 13 of September and i recieived my money the next day withim 48 hours. Viva MMMGlobal.World. Viva!

Date: 13-09-20193

Assistance received: 0.00917420 BTC

Hello am Mamluke Quadeshi an active member of MMMGW I reside in Philippines. On the 14/09/2019 I requested to get help and I was paid 0.00917420 within hours this is my referral bonus going ahead to GH my growth.. MMM GW sweet well well we are changing the world..

Date: 13-09-20194

Assistance received: 0.00820811 BTC

Hi Umie, I am from South Africa. I requested to get help of 0.00820811 on the 13Sept 2019 and it was provided the next day. I am so happy to be part of the system MMM Global that is uplifting others financially.

Date: 13-09-20195

Assistance received: 0.02414805 BTC

Hi, my name is Gladys, I'm from Portugal and I am a participant of MMM Global.World. On the 14/09/2019 I got help of 0.02414805 btc. Long Live MMMGlobal.World

Date: 12-09-20196

Assistance received: 0.00171057 BTC

I'm very greatful for this great platform

Date: 12-09-20197

Assistance received: 0.00186264 BTC

Mi nombre es Christian Isiordia, soy de Sonora, Mexico. El dia 15 de julio me registré en MMMGW y al siguiente dia el 16 de julio brindé la ayuda (PH) por 0.0015 BTC, posteriormente brindé otras 2 ayudas donde el total de mis PH es: 0.06208823 BTC, el dia 16 de septiembre pude retirar (GH) la cantidad de 0.00186264 BTC. MMM Global World sí paga!!, gracias a todos los participantes. Esto ya es una realidad!!

Date: 14-09-20198

Assistance received: 0.00531622 BTC

My name is Julia My residence is: Peru The Quantity PH: 0,26431121 The date: 2019-06-27 The Quantity GH: 0.00531622 I feel super happy to be part of MmMglobal.World With the whole Family - With all my heart I thank the Great Indy Leader & his whole Group and great Family, Community Blessings to each one of you

Date: 14-09-20199

Assistance received: 0.00924 BTC

Hello! I invite you to the MMM Global World! My name is Stanislav and i am from Ukraine! 07.06.2019 I have provide help 0.28 BTC 15.09.2019 I have received help from MMM Global World 0.00924 BTC. Thank you very much!!!