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Date: 08-09-20191

Assistance received: 0.02315000 BTC

My name is Paul from Nigeria. I am an odinary member of mmmglobal.world. I GH 0.02315 btc on 09th September 2019 as my bonus. Thank you so much mmmglobal.world.

Date: 08-09-20192

Assistance received: 0.00964300 BTC

Hi all! My name Deon. I am new member of MMMGLOBAL.WORLD On 09th Sep 2019 I recived of 0.009643 btc as bonuses. I am very happy MMMGLOBAL.WORLD Thank you

Date: 08-09-20193

Assistance received: 0.01929000 BTC

Since November 2018 I am a member of the new MMMGlobal World. My PH is 0.4532 btc. Today, 09/09/2019 I received my GH 0.01929 btc bonuses in my wallet from MMMGlobal World. I am very happy to participate in the new automatic MMM World. I love MMM

Date: 08-09-20194

Assistance received: 0.01253000 BTC

"Hi my name is Ava from Nigeria I have been paid my GH bonus 0.01253btc I got help on September, 09. Thank you mmmglobal.world Together we can change the World"

Date: 08-09-20195

Assistance received: 0.01784000 BTC

Hello all. I Jackson from Philippines. I participant in MMM World. 09 September I received a monthly interest GH 0.01784 btc. Thanks MMM World global. Join us!

Date: 09-09-20196

Assistance received: 0.00166038 BTC

Зовут меня Нафилита, я из Украины. В MMM Global.World с 2018.10.14. Оказала помощь на сумму 0.02348528 BTC., ранее получала помощь 0.00634477 BTC., запросила помощь на сумму 0.00164378 BTC. Спасибо MMM Global оказавшей мне помощь. Желаю удачи и благосостояния.

Date: 09-09-20197

Assistance received: 0.00209131 BTC

Всем привет! это Снова Коля с Киева!) мной была оказана помощь в размере 230 долларов (2019.07.06) и я получил очередную выплату (10.09.2019) в размере 20 долларов) Спасибо)

Date: 08-09-20198

Assistance received: 0.001815 BTC

Hola comunidad soy manwe de Mexico, El dia 08/09/19 solicite una ayuda por la cantidad 0.001815 btc y el dia 09/09/19 me la brindaron, La cantidad de 0.00179685 btc gracias MMMGLOBAL WORLD sigamos apoyandonos

Date: 09-09-20199

Assistance received: 0.00616 BTC

Hello! I invite you to the MMM Global World! My name is Stanislav and i am from Ukraine! 07.06.2019 I have provide help 0.28 BTC 10.09.2019 I have received help from MMM Global World 0.0061 BTC. Thank you very much!

Date: 25-08-201910

Assistance received: 0.0016 BTC

Hi, this is awesome.. Longlife mmm

Date: 05-09-201911

Assistance received: 0.00613745 BTC

Hi my name is Yunda Sari. I am partisipant from jakarta, indonesia. I phed on June 26, 2019 amount 0,122749 btc and gh my 5 days interest 0.00613745. Thanks MMM

Date: 08-09-201912

Assistance received: 0.0016 BTC

My name is Satoshi, a regular member with MMMGLOBALWORLD. Today I am happy to report a prompt payment of .0016 BTC. This is the best!