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Date: 04-09-20191

Assistance received: 0.01327000 BTC

Hi... My Name is Boman. I am member of MMM Global World community , I live in South Africa, on the 05th September 2019 I requested help of 0.01327btc . MMM World really pays .Thanks to the MMM World and a Special thanks to Mr Sergey Mavrodi for such a wonderful program . I'M looking forward in Providing more help in the community . Together we change the World. Thank You!!!!

Date: 04-09-20192

Assistance received: 0.01655000 BTC

Hello! My name is Norman. I am participant of MMMWorld. Writing from Kenya! Today September 05, 2019 I have already received my first system interest - 0.01655 btc! Very happy to be with MMMWorld!

Date: 04-09-20193

Assistance received: 0.01792000 BTC

Hello all participants mmmglobal.world. I am Zen from Philippines I am participant in mmmglobal.world. I get interest 0.01792 btc I am became very happy. Thanks mmmglobal.world

Date: 04-09-20194

Assistance received: 0.01286620 BTC

Hello my name is Runako. I am a participant of MMM World.I live in Nigeria, I did GH 0.0128662 btc on 05/09/2019 it's my monthly interest and was received within 24hours. Long live MMM Global World

Date: 04-09-20195

Assistance received: 0.00917700 BTC

Hello. I am Kofi. I am participant mmmglobal.world from Nigeria. I got help GH 0.009177btc bonus on September, 5. long live mmmglobal.world Together we change the world!

Date: 05-09-20196

Assistance received: 0.00616 BTC

Hello everybody! My name is Stanislav and i am from Ukraine! 07.06.2019 I made PH 0.28 BTC Today 6.09.2019 i have received my regular Help from MMM Global World 0.00616 BTC. Thanx MMMGW Community!

Date: 31-08-20197

Assistance received: 0.00338416 BTC

Good day My name is Pindiwe Fatuse from Gauteng, I would like to thank MMM global on the 31 of August I GH and my money was in my bank on the first of September. Thank you MMM global, forward the spirit of Mavro

Date: 04-09-20198

Assistance received: 0.00222366 BTC

MMM pays,thank you Mavrodians

Date: 31-08-20199

Assistance received: 0.00180196 BTC

I'm very happy