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30% per month (1% per day)

  • % accrued every 24 hours up to 310 days
  • % is available for withdrawal immediately from the moment of accrual (without any freezing)
  • % is charged on the body of the deposit (without capitalization)
Provide Help (deposit) orders are confirmed immediately.
Get Help (withdraw) requests are paid immediately.

PH Minimum = 100 TRX
GH Minimum = no limit
PH Maximum = 2'000'000 (two million) TRX
GH Maximum = no limit



  • 10% from the PH of your first line referral's deposit
  • available for withdrawal immediately from the moment of accrual



  • the matching bonus is based upon your referrals 1% daily return
  • the matching is awarded every time a downline referral makes a withdrawal of this 1% daily return
  • the levels of matching you receive on is based upon how many direct referrals you personally sponsored. 1 level activated for each direct referral, maximum 15 levels, see below :
1st generation 30%
2nd generation 10%
3rd generation 10%
4th generation 10%
5th generation 10%
6th generation 8%
7th generation 8%
8th generation 8%
9th generation 8%
10th generation 8%
11th generation 5%
12th generation 5%
13th generation 5%
14th generation 5%
15th generation 5%

Full description of the tariff plan