Study from the comfort of your home and earn a passive income in the future

Keeping the rapid pace of digital age. MMM Global.World is welcoming you to our online school catering to all aspiring learners registered or non registered participant who wants to deepen their knowledge in bitcoin, how to earn a passive income thru MMMGW platform, and basic social media marketing that they can able to use in their future plans, team building, leadership and videography, photography and etcetera. The online courses or program offers by MMMGW allows you to take it without leaving the comforts of your home or disregarding your professional career. This program will give you an opportunity to earn more.

Your journey starts here in knowing all that pertains MMMGW. And to those already a Guider it is essential that you are well equipped as you traverse your journey here in MMMGW. After you completed the program, you will received a certificate from our community.

From our Founder, Ideology, Bonus, Tariffs, EPRS IRR, etcetera, these are other information that is expected to be inculcated to you at the end of the Schooling. We wish you well. Enjoy!



I. Mavro Basic Course Program (MBCP)

Overview. This short program is offered for FREE to all aspiring learners registered or non registered who wants to earn money from the comfort of their home and has interest to learn more about Bitcoin and Facebook Marketing.

Below are brief lessons covering this course:
What is Bitcoin and How it Works?
MMMGW Career Opportunity
How to Make Money on MMMGW through Online
Facebook Marketing
Marketing Tips

How long it will take to finish?
6 hours/day in 2 days.

Instruction :
To enroll click this link https://forms.gle/AjwiQUjS6SWSW8Kk9
Note. Wait within 24 to 48 hours for the invitation via email from our school Team.

II. Mavro Guiders Upgrade Program (MGUP)

Overview. This Program is offered to newly Guiders who wants to deepen their knowledge in terms of leadership and developing their structure. This is also the first step requirement to be qualify in conducting an event and become one of the event facilitator.

Below are the Lessons covering this program :

I. What is MMMGW and its Ideology?
II. How does the System Works
III. Social Media Marketing for Investment Type of approach.
IV. Effective Offline Marketing
V. Leadersip Enhancement
VI. How to be an MMMGW Event Host/Facilitator?
  A. Types of Events
  B. How to conduct a quality event.
  C. How to make a good Presentation.
  D. EPRS Guidelines and Procedures
VII. Basic Videography for small events video editing and Photo Editing
VIII. How to make a Basic Webinar for online Presentation?
IX. Team Building

How long it will take to finish ?
5 days

Instruction :
To enroll click this link https://forms.gle/hjkJNM7Z6nNtKzW48
Note. Answer the Entrance Exam provided for assessment and wait for the invitation via email within 24 to 48 hours from the school team.

When can I Start?
Enrollment will start on May 15, 2019. The commencement of classes of two courses is on June 3, 2019. Intakes will be once a week.

Contact us:
For more question email us [email protected].
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