Beginning of the test period and giving away of free ETH


Dear Friends!
Immediately after the announcement of launching MMM Global.world on Blockchain Smart Contract, we've received a huge number of questions about how to participate in the new system, since many participants have Bitcoins, but to participate in the smart contract you need to Provide Help only with the Ethereum cryptocurrency (ETH) and use only wallets that can interact with the smart contract (with Web 3.0 support).
Therefore, before the full launch of the system, we announce a test period during which you will learn in detail how the new system works and be able to test the Provide Help / Get Help of deposits and GH of dividends and bonuses.
So, due to the fact that MMM Global is switching to full decentralization on artificial intelligence (smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain), we begin the worldwide test period before the full launch of the system.
Each participant in MMM Global will be credited with 0.1 ETH to 1 ETH (depending on availability) for testing the system!
To receive ETH and create a deposit, you need:
1. to register in the MMM Global Personal Office:
2. to install Metamask Cryptocurrency Wallet. Installation options on a computer or cell phone can be found at:
3. to send the following information to the MMM Global support service via telegram https://t.me/mmmglobal_support :
- Ethereum address that you can find it your Metamask wallet
- Email address to which your Personal Office is registered
4. to get ETH cryptocurrency for testing MMM Global
5. to make a contribution and send a screenshot of the PH confirmation (from the Dashboard) to the MMM Global support and to the official telegram group
You can see a detailed description (with screenshots) of this process in the guide how to get a free ETH and create a deposit in MMM Global.
Take this great opportunity to test the system and create your own structure. You can easily attract the maximum number of referrals, as each of your participants will receive ETH for testing!
And the best part is that after switching the system to a real smart contract, your referral structure will be preserved and you will immediately be able to receive unlimited referral and leader bonuses!
Registration in MMM Global:
Description of the tariff plan:
How to get a free ETH and create a deposit in MMM Global:
Make charity and love!
Together we can do a lot and we will change this World!

MMM Global.world on Blockchain Smart Contract begins!


Dear friends!
Before the restoration of MMM Global, you requested to transfer the system to the Blockchain in order to make MMM Global completely decentralized, as well as trustworthy and transparent for all operations.
It took a huge amount of time and effort to make this real. The world's best experts in artificial intelligence on blockchain took part in the creation of the system. Now this moment has come! We bring you the updated MMM Global, which will make all your dreams come true!
This is a fully decentralized system on the Ethereum blockchain smart contract. Pure artificial intelligence that works without admins and any human intervention.
A dream system that you can completely trust, fearlessly make deposits and invite referrals, creating line structures.
It is time for MMM Global on a truly decentralized blockchain smart contract. We have completed the process of creating a Global independent MMM, which was started by Sergey Mavrodi and what he aspired to the end of his days. With your active participation, the system will last for decades and go down in history as a phenomenon that will solve the problem of poverty throughout the world. This is a fantastic system in which every inhabitant of our planet should take part!
Let's welcome the birth of the MMM Global on Blockchain Smart Contract!
And we are starting with a test period and giving away of free ETH before the main launch.
Registration in MMM Global:
Description of the tariff plan:
Beginning of the test period and giving away of free ETH:
Make charity and love! Together we can do a lot and we will change this World!