MMM Global.world runs contest!


Hello Mavrodians!
MMM Global.World runs contest!
First our contest is "The Best Video of Happiness"
1. Record a video about how you got help from MMM Global.World and upload it on your youtube chanel.
2. In your video you should share your experience related to MMM Global.World: when did you register, how much did you provide help, when, and how much did you get help from MMM.
Tell a few words about yourself as follows: where are you from? How long have you been participating in MMM Global.World? How big is your structure in MMM and from which countries most of your referrals? Share your vision of MMM Global World.
3. Your video can be recorded in English or your native language.
4. Note: you will have more chances to win the first prize in the contest if your face will be visible on the video.
5. Promote your video (remember to add your referral link!) in various social networks and collect as many likes and comments as you can under the video.
6. The video that gets most likes and comments will be the winner of our contest.
7. You should provide a link to your video that includs your referral link to the form:
Terms: 16 January, 2019 - 16 February, 2019
1st place - 1000 usd (1 person) + information about you will be placed in LEADERS section of our website https://mmmglobal.world/leaders
2nd place - 500 usd (1 person) + information about you will be placed in LEADERS section of our website https://mmmglobal.world/leaders
3rd place - 300 usd (2 ppl)
4th place - 200 usd (3 ppl)
5th place - 100 usd (5 ppl)

We are looking for a Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking MMM Coordinator


Ladies and Gentlemen!
We are looking for a Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking MMM Coordinator.
If you are interested in this position, tell us more about you:
- Your name;
- Country;
- Email address;
- Telegram;
- Facebook;
- Your MMM Global.World referral link;
- Your native language. What languages do you speak/ write/ read (you can provide support on) ?
- Do you have an experience as a guder/leader position in the previous MMM Global or somewhere else?
- Please, provide us with a video of your presentation/webinars/speech and some other leader work?
- A list of your achievements and professional skills;
This position is paid by the end of the 30-days after the progress report for the period.
Salary starts at 500$ per month and will increase depending on your progress.
Here is a list of coordinator duties:
Green highlights what you should start first.
Please, be advised: your activity should be focused on Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking people.
Send your application to the [email protected] and we will contact you as soon as possible with further details.

MMM News #29. MNC Video News - Beware of Copycats


Ladies and Gentlemen!
Today we bring to your attention the third release of Mavro News:
Beware of Copycats

We can do a lot! And we will change the world!
Let's PH and promote the MMM Global . worldwide !!!
For registration in MMM Global, follow the link:
If you need a Guider support, ask a guider contact and referral link in MMM skype and telegram groups:

MMM News #28. MNC Video News - Holiday Special


Ladies and Gentlemen!
As the only official successors of the MMM legacy, we are renewing the good traditions of video informing our participants by the Mavro News Channel (MNC) releases.
Today we bring to your attention the second release of Mavro News:
MNC Holiday Special